DFH Locker Room

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DFH Locker Room
General Information
Host(s): Gibbs, Jamesbot, and Doomsee
Format: VODs/Podcast
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DFH Locker Room is a talk show primarily discussing various topics in the competitive scene. Originally hosted by just Gibbs and Jamesbot, Doomsee joined on as an official member starting on July 29th. The show has featured a few high profile guests such as Dirkened and Corey, members of the Psyonix team, as well as Kronovi and Vogan, RLCS LAN participants.

The name of the show comes from the in-game arena called DFH Stadium.

Episode List

# Date Title Guests VOD Length
22 2017-02-21 Crates, Roster Moves, Weekly vs Monthly Tournaments, Marketing WavePunk VOD 92m
21 2016-09-29 Player Security and RLCS None VOD 95m
20 2016-09-23 Aquadome and RLCS Predictions1 None VOD 67m
19 2016-09-17 RLCS Predictions for League Play1 None VOD 67m
18 2016-09-10 RUMBLE, Crates, Map Diversity, and RLCS Rosters Quinn Lobdell VOD 82m
17 2016-08-25 RLCS Season 2 and Roster Moves None VOD 79m
16 2016-08-12 RLCS and Rumble Talk Corey VOD 63m
15 2016-08-02 RLCS Predictions for Every Match None VOD 57m
14 2016-07-29 Crates, Ranking System, and New Permanent Member1 2 None VOD 79m
13 2016-07-15 RLCS LAN Time, Online Finals, Feedback, and More Vogan VOD 85m
12 2016-07-08 RLCS Caster Predictions Lawler, Liefx, WavePunk, and FindableCarpet VOD 13m
11 2016-07-03 Hotel Life, RLCS Results and Predictions, Goldenboy from Maui None VOD 59m
10 2016-06-24 RLCS Recap, Group Predictions, and Team Rocket is Bad Doomsee VOD 75m
9 2016-06-16 Smurfing/Boosting and RLCS Q2 Predictions Mason VOD 91m
8 2016-06-09 NA Roster Shuffle, Mock NA RR Win, More Patch Updates None VOD 65m
7 2016-06-04 RLCS Recap, Roster Swaps, EU OP, and More None VOD 98m
6 2016-05-07 Rated R and Bad Production Warnings Lawler, Liefx, WavePunk, and FindableCarpet VOD 74m
5 2016-04-28 RLCS Desk HYPE, Patch, Shalthis, Rankings, and More1 Twitch Chat VOD 64m
4 2016-04-16 RL GDC Talk, NA 2-5, and More Dirkened VOD 108m
3 2016-04-09 News, Tournament, Results, and More Kronovi VOD 93m
2 2016-04-02 Patch, RLCS, and EU News None VOD 81m
1 2016-03-26 RLCS Rules, NA Team Rumors, and More None VOD 84m
1Jamesbot wasn't present.
2Doomsee becomes an official member.