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  • Weekly Cups
    • Single elimination
    • Finals are best of seven
    • All other matches are best of five
    • Teams receive points based on placement
    • Points reset each month
  • Monthly Cups
    • Top 8 teams by points participate
    • Single elimination
    • Finals are best of seven
    • All other matches are best of five

Prize Pool

Place Prize Team Roster
Gold.png 1st $ 150 Never On Targetlogo std.png Never On Target KlassuxKyle MascLow5ive
Silver.png 2nd IBUYPOWER Cosmiclogo std.png iBUYPOWER Cosmic GibbsKronoviSadJunior
3rd-4th Logo std.png Nexus LachinioPlutoVafele
Logo std.png Jorellis Goodies Corelli22Jodarinimagicgoodies
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Monthly Final

SnK Apollologo std.png SnK A

Never On Targetlogo std.png NOT

Orange Creamsiclelogo std.png OC

Logo std2.png nXs

Logo std.png JORE

Fusion Corpslogo std.png Fusion

IBUYPOWER Cosmiclogo std.png iBP

Logo std.png MAD

Never On Targetlogo std.png NOT

UNTlogo std.png UNT

Logo std.png JORE

IBUYPOWER Cosmiclogo std.png iBP

Never On Targetlogo std.png NOT

IBUYPOWER Cosmiclogo std.png iBP


  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  SnK Apollologo std.png SnK A 2
  Never On Targetlogo std.png NOT 3
  Never On Targetlogo std.png NOT 3
  UNTlogo std.png UNT 2
  Orange Creamsiclelogo std.png OC 1
  Logo std2.png nXs 3
  Never On Targetlogo std.png NOT 4
  IBUYPOWER Cosmiclogo std.png iBP 1
  Logo std.png JORE 3
  Fusion Corpslogo std.png Fusion 1
  Logo std.png JORE 2
  IBUYPOWER Cosmiclogo std.png iBP 3
  IBUYPOWER Cosmiclogo std.png iBP 3
  Logo std.png MAD 2

Weekly Cups

Place Prize Points Cup 14 Cup 15 Cup 16 Cup 17 Cup 18
Gold.png $150 100 VQ Untetheredlogo std.png vQ Untethered Orange Creamsiclelogo std.png Orange Creamsicle Logo std.png Jorellis Goodies Logo std.png Mad Magic 2.0 IBUYPOWER Cosmiclogo std.png iBUYPOWER Cosmic
Silver.png - 75 Apollo 11logo std.png Apollo 11 Apollo 11logo std.png Apollo 11 Logo std.png Mad Magic 2.0 SnK Apollologo std.png SnK Apollo Logo std.png Nexus
Bronze.png - 50 Logo std.png Cheeky Cants Kings of Urbanlogo std.png Kings of Urban SnK Apollologo std.png SnK Apollo Never On Targetlogo std.png Never On Target Never On Targetlogo std.png Never On Target
Copper.png - 35 Flash Floodlogo std.png Flash Flood Logo std.png Jorellis Goodies Fusion Corpslogo std.png Fusion Corps Fusion Corpslogo std.png Fusion Corps Logo std.png Average Players
5-8 - 25 Logo std.png Stratos Red Team Rocketlogo std.png Team Rocket US Logo std.png GalaxyGaming Hello? Team Rocketlogo std.png Team Rocket US Dragonflylogo std.png Dragonfly
- 25 Logo std.png Straight Outta Boost Fusion Corpslogo std.png Fusion Corps Foremostlogo std.png Foremost Logo std.png Moon Men Orange Creamsiclelogo std.png Orange Creamsicle
- 25 Fusion Corpslogo std.png Fusion Corps Electric Zerologo std.png Electric Zero Logo std.png Pandorum Gaming Logo std.png Divine Entity Logo std.png Jorellis Goodies
- 25 Dragonflylogo std.png Dragonfly Logo std.png Team Ghostboosters Logo std.png GalaxyGaming Logo std.png GalaxyGaming Hello? Logo std.png Caramel Macchiato
9-16 - 10 See Weekly Bracket Links
17-32 - 5 See Weekly Bracket Links
33-64 - 2 See Weekly Bracket Links

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