Epic Aerial Podcast

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Podcast has ended[1]
Epic Aerial Podcast
Epic Aerial square.jpg
General Information
Host(s): RoguishElf and Tom
Format: Podcast
Airs: Cancelled
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Epic Aerial was one of the first podcasts dedicated to the competitive scene. It was hosted by RoguishElf and Tom before its last episode aired on May 5th.[2]

Episode List

# Date Title Guests VOD Length
33 2016-05-04 Hey Guys... None VOD 43m
32 2016-04-20 It's Definitely A Thing None VOD 56m
31 2016-04-13 Let's get Royale None VOD 59m
30 2016-04-07 Everything Is New Again None VOD 68m
29.5 2016-03-30 Things Get Real None VOD 58m
29 2016-03-23 Going To The Polls! None VOD 42m
28 2016-03-16 Epic Announcements None VOD 52m
27 2016-03-09 Tom Joins The Team None VOD 38m
26 2016-03-03 The Oprah of Rocket League None VOD 46m
25 2016-02-24 Epic Aerial gets Distinct DistinctIsMe VOD 68m
24 2016-02-16 You're So Sneaky None VOD 67m
23 2016-02-10 Rocket League opens up their lab! None VOD 48m
22 2016-02-05 He Choked... None VOD 63m
21 2016-01-29 This is still a rocket league podcast None VOD 16m
20 2016-01-07 Let's Keep Rolling None VOD 46m
19 2016-01-03 Rocketing in to the New Year! None VOD 43m
18 2015-12-18 Movin' On Up None VOD 38m
16 2015-12-11 Rookies and Rocketeers None VOD 45m
15 2015-12-03 You Heard it Here Half First None VOD 52m
14 2015-11-21 Rocket Report 11-20-15 Corelli22 VOD 42m
13 2015-11-13 A Scot, a coach, and Epic Aerial walk into a bar... O'Neill and FreezingWolves VOD 57m
12 2015-11-07 No One Mourns the Wicked Dr Wicked VOD 50m
11 2015-10-31 Epic Nice Aerial Shot Podshow SeismicWhite and Chewy VOD 42m
10 2015-10-23 Epic Aerial... Untethered Pluto and Lachinio VOD 36m
9 2015-10-17 Welcome to the CamFam, Have a Terrible Day! Kronovi and SadJunior VOD 33m
8 2015-10-08 Cloudy With a Chance of Aerials CloudFuel VOD 58m
7 2015-10-02 Title removed due to NDA Dirkened VOD 62m
6 2015-09-25 We Gonna Knock You Out Epic, Psudu, and secret_asskicker VOD 46m
5 2015-09-22 Epic Aerial Blasts Off Again! CoolCole93, Doomsee, and I Am A Tree VOD 49m
4 2015-09-18 Shout meets Pod Shalthis VOD 47m
3 2015-09-11 Could you Gibb us a few tips? Gibbs VOD 37m
2 2015-09-02 A Truly Good Time! TruSolja VOD 32m
1 2015-08-31 The first of many! None VOD 25m