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Gfinity/Challenger Series/Season 3/Competitor/Cup 19

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Gfinity S3 Competitor Cup 19
Tournament Information
FormatSingle Elimination
Prize Pool£ 400
Location & Dates
CountryEurope Europe



  • Single Elimination
  • Round 1 and 2 are best-of-three
  • Round 3 through the Semifinals are best-of-five
  • Finals are best-of-seven

Prize Pool

Place Prize Team Roster
Gold.png 1st £ 250 We Dem Babieslogo std.png We Dem Babies BlueyKaydopScrub Killa
Silver.png 2nd £ 150 Logo std.png Zebra Nose MoutNeqzoZensuz
3rd-4th ExceL Esportslogo std.png exceL Esports MarkydoodaNielskoekPwndx
Team Endpointlogo std.png Team Endpoint CheerioSebadamTinny
5th-8th Logo std.png BUT CAN YOU DO THIS? BananaManBicycleThiefKontrol
Logo std.png 1V1R FlumoxSqueezyZapphire2k
Jaén Paraíso eSportslogo std.png Jaén Paraíso eSports CrisKilEakMisa
Copenhagen Flameslogo std.png Copenhagen Flames AbeogandBaekkeFruity
Show Additional Results
1No Idea played under Name1234 for this tournament.
2Where's Juanlu played under Three Fish for this tournament.
3Boosted played under Childish Gambimbam for this tournament.


Eye - Show All.pngRosters

We Dem Babies
United Kingdom Bluey
France Kaydop
United Kingdom Scrub Killa
Zebra Nose
France Mout
France Neqzo
Sweden Zensuz
exceL Esports
United Kingdom Markydooda
Netherlands Nielskoek
Denmark Pwndx
Team Endpoint
Sweden Cheerio
United Kingdom Sebadam
United Kingdom Tinny
Netherlands Flumox
Germany Squeezy
Slovenia Zapphire2k
Jaén Paraíso eSports
Spain Cris
Norway KilEak
Spain Misa
Copenhagen Flames
Denmark Abeogand
Denmark Baekke
Denmark Fruity


  Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Logo std.png BUT 3
  Sørby eSportlogo std.png Sørby 1
  Logo std.png BUT 1
  We Dem Babieslogo std.png WDB 3
  We Dem Babieslogo std.png WDB 3
  Logo std.png NO I 1
  We Dem Babieslogo std.png WDB 3
  ExceL Esportslogo std.png xL 1
  Logo std.png TAXI 1
  ExceL Esportslogo std.png xL 3
  ExceL Esportslogo std.png xL 3
  Logo std.png 1V1R 1
  Logo std.png 1V1R 3
  Logo std.png NEOM 1
  We Dem Babieslogo std.png WDB 4
  Logo std.png ZEBR 1
  Logo std.png WHER 1
  Team Endpointlogo std.png Endpoint 3
  Team Endpointlogo std.png Endpoint 3
  Jaén Paraíso eSportslogo std.png JPE 1
  Jaén Paraíso eSportslogo std.png JPE 3
  Logo std.png CONN 0
  Team Endpointlogo std.png Endpoint 0
  Logo std.png ZEBR 3
  Copenhagen Flameslogo std.png CPH F 3
  Logo std.png CLAS 1
  Copenhagen Flameslogo std.png CPH F 2
  Logo std.png ZEBR 3
  Logo std.png ZEBR 3
  Logo std.png BOOS 1

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