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HYPE Rocket Party Launch Event
HYPE Rocket Party.png
Tournament Information
OrganizerHouseparty Premier eSports
FormatSingle Elimination
Prize Pool$150
Location & Dates



  • Single Elimination
  • Finals are best-of-five
  • All other matches are best-of-three

Prize Pool

Place Prize Team Roster
Gold.png 1st $ 100 Momentumlogo std.png Momentum DappurJKnapsMijo
Silver.png 2nd $ 50 IBUYPOWER Cosmiclogo std.png iBUYPOWER Cosmic 0ver Zer0KronoviLachinio
Bronze.png 3rd Retrospectlogo std.png Retrospect DarkFireKlassuxMatt
Copper.png 4th Logo std.png 4Funsies DoguHakuJessie
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  • Momentum also secured a spot in the upcoming Premier League


Eye - Show All.pngRosters

Only the participants from the top 8 teams is displayed. See full list here.
United States Haku
Netherlands Dogu
Netherlands Jessie
Electric Zero
United States Kuniv
United States Pyre
United States Toxic
United States Genocop
United States Chrome
United States Insolences
United States Kyle Masc
Goomba Squad
United States Napp
United States Frezno25
United States Corelli22
United States Dappur
United States Mijo
United States JKnaps
United States Klassux
United States DarkFire
United States Matt


Only the RO32 onwards is displayed. See full bracket here.
  Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  IBUYPOWER Cosmiclogo std.png iBP 2
  Logo std.png THE 1
  IBUYPOWER Cosmiclogo std.png iBP 2
  ANIXIA Esportslogo std.png ANIXIA 0
  Logo std.png MIRA 0
  ANIXIA Esportslogo std.png ANIXIA 2
  IBUYPOWER Cosmiclogo std.png iBP 2
  Electric Zerologo std.png EZero 0
  Logo std.png NEXU 1
  Electric Zerologo std.png EZero 2
  Electric Zerologo std.png EZero 2
  Logo std.png RETR 0
  Logo std.png 988 0
  Logo std.png RETR 2
  IBUYPOWER Cosmiclogo std.png iBP 2
  Logo std.png 4FUN 1
  Logo std.png FORE 2
  Logo std.png SMAR 0
  Logo std.png FORE 2
  So Closelogo std.png So Close 0
  Logo std.png THE 0
  So Closelogo std.png So Close 2
  Logo std.png FORE 0
  Logo std.png 4FUN 2
  Template:TeamnamesLogo std.png B>B 1
  Logo std.png 4FUN 2
  Logo std.png 4FUN 2
  Logo std.png DENT 0
  Logo std.png JCOR 0
  Logo std.png DENT 2
  IBUYPOWER Cosmiclogo std.png iBP 0
  Momentumlogo std.png MOM 3
  Retrospectlogo std.png Retro 2
  HYPE Gaminglogo std.png HYPE 0
  Retrospectlogo std.png Retro 2
  Logo std.png DER 0
  Logo std.png DER 2
3rd place match
  Logo std.png MIND 1
  Retrospectlogo std.png Retro 2   Logo std.png 4FUN 1
  Logo std.png A PA 0
  Retrospectlogo std.png Retro 2
  Legacy eSports (North American Team)logo std.png LGC NA 1
  Logo std.png A PA 2
  Logo std.png A PA 2
  Logo std.png MOON 0
  Logo std.png MOON 2
  Logo std.png TO T 0
  Retrospectlogo std.png Retro 0
  Momentumlogo std.png MOM 2
  Momentumlogo std.png MOM 2
  Logo std.png SHIF 0
  Momentumlogo std.png MOM 2
  Logo std.png FEEL 0
  Logo std.png FEEL 2
  Logo std.png MAYO 0
  Momentumlogo std.png MOM 2
  Goomba Squadlogo std.png Goomba 0
  Logo std.png JUVE 0
  Logo std.png CHIV 2
  Logo std.png CHIV 0
  Goomba Squadlogo std.png Goomba 2
  Goomba Squadlogo std.png Goomba 2
  Logo std.png LIFT 0

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