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Leaf League Seeding Tournament
Leaf eSports NAlogo square.png
Tournament Information
OrganizerLeaf eSports
Prize Pool€ 200
Location & Dates
CountryEurope Europe



  • Tournament open to all teams
  • Swiss bracket to determine seeding for upcoming Leaf League Season 1
  • All matches are a best-of-three

Prize Pool

Place Prize Team Roster
Gold.png 1st € 100 Logo std.png Bean gReazykuxir97Scrub Killa
Silver.png 2nd € 40 PENTA Sportslogo std.png PENTA Sports FreaKiiKillerno7Pwndx
Bronze.png 3rd € 25 Northern Gaminglogo std.png Northern Gaming Maestromiztikremkoe
Copper.png 4th € 20 Leaf eSportslogo std.png Leaf eSports GMSexayKrazackSupraa
5th € 15 Team Solidlogo std.png Team Solid DataFlarkeSeeks
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Only the qualifying path for the top 12 teams are shown. See the full results here
Team Points Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7
Logo std.png BEAN 14 Logo std.png SMIL PENTA Sportslogo std.png PENTA Northern Gaminglogo std.png NG Logo std.png SQSH Aerialitylogo std.png Ae Leaf eSportslogo std.png LEAF Logo std2.png LMR
PENTA Sportslogo std.png PENTA 12 Logo std.png BEAN Logo std.png FEEL ParallaXlogo std.png PX Team Solidlogo std.png Solid Renegades (European Team)logo std.png RNG EU Leaf eSportslogo std.png LEAF
Northern Gaminglogo std.png NG 12 Copenhagen Flameslogo std.png CPH F Logo std.png BEAN Logo std.png SQUA EXtatuslogo std.png eXtatus Logo std2.png Asc Ae Aerialitylogo std.png Ae
Leaf eSportslogo std.png LEAF 10 Logo std.png ETER REFORCE eSportslogo std.png REFORCE Logo std2.png MLP Logo std.png BAGU Logo std.png THE Logo std.png BEAN PENTA Sportslogo std.png PENTA
Team Solidlogo std.png Solid 10 Logo std.png UNCL Logo std2.png LMR Aerialitylogo std.png Ae PENTA Sportslogo std.png PENTA Logo std2.png Obsolete Renegades (European Team)logo std.png RNG EU
Logo std.png BAGU 10 Renegades (European Team)logo std.png RNG EU ParallaXlogo std.png PX Logo std.png THE Leaf eSportslogo std.png LEAF Logo std.png UNCL Logo std2.png LMR EXtatuslogo std.png eXtatus
Aerialitylogo std.png Ae 10 Logo std.png AERI Logo std2.png AlKappa Team Solidlogo std.png Solid Logo std.png BEAN Logo std.png FAT- Northern Gaminglogo std.png NG
Logo std2.png LMR 10 Logo std.png FIRE Logo std.png ENER Team Solidlogo std.png Solid Logo std.png FRYD REFORCE eSportslogo std.png REFORCE Logo std.png BAGU Logo std.png BEAN
ParallaXlogo std.png PX 10 Logo std.png SPEE Logo std.png BAGU Copenhagen Flameslogo std.png CPH F PENTA Sportslogo std.png PENTA Logo std.png ETER Logo std.png PECU Logo std.png FAT-
Logo std2.png Asc Ae 10 REFORCE eSportslogo std.png REFORCE Logo std.png ETER Logo std.png ROCK Logo std2.png MLP Logo std2.png AlKappa Northern Gaminglogo std.png NG Logo std.png SQUA
Copenhagen Flameslogo std.png CPH F 10 Logo std.png TEMP Northern Gaminglogo std.png NG ParallaXlogo std.png PX Logo std.png BAMB Logo std.png SMIL Logo std.png ELEM Logo std2.png AlKappa
Logo std2.png MLP 10 Logo std.png GRRR Logo std.png PECU Leaf eSportslogo std.png LEAF Logo std2.png Asc Ae Logo std.png FIRE Logo std.png HEXA Logo std.png UNCL

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