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EU RLCS Logo.png
Promotion Tournament
May 6th 2018

  Semifinals Finals
Winner's bracket
  XLlogo std.png xL 1
  SGElogo std.png SGE 4
  SGElogo std.png SGE 4
  Secretlogo std.png Secret 3
  Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic 2
  Secretlogo std.png Secret 4
Loser's bracket
  Secretlogo std.png Secret 1
  XLlogo std.png xL 1
  Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic 4
  Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic 4
Latest News
Summary of roster news and tournament results for 2018
June 04
News Label - Europe.png Logo std2.pngFC Nantes eSport Team is formed. Hooups, Kami and Maaivy join.
May 22
News Label - Europe.png DIGlogo std.pngDIG Acquires the GFElogo std.png Gale Force eSports roster. Kaydop, Turbopolsa, ViolentPanda join. Chicago, Turtle, Zolhay leave.
May 11
News Label - Europe.png EGNlogo std.pngEGN DESGADELHADO retires.
May 08
News Label - Europe.png Blitzerslogo std.pngBlitzers Stake leaves.
News Label - Europe.png WLFlogo std.pngWLF MoneyTalk leaves.
May 07
News Label - Europe.png Epsilonlogo std.pngEpsilon Team is disbanded. D7, FaykoW and Pugsay leave.
May 06
News Label - Europe.png Logo std2.pngThe Bricks Team is formed. Fruity,Shakahron and Speed join.
News Label - Europe.png Methodlogo std.pngMethod Shakahron leaves.
May 05
News Label - Europe.png Logo std2.pngChildish Gambimbam Team is formed. Distan, Keluhi and Tehda join.
May 03
News Label - Europe.png Hashtaglogo std.pngHashtag Team is disbanded after the Gfinity Elite Series Season 3. Doomsee, Data, Flarke, KilEak and Drjosh leave.
May 01
News Label - Europe.png UNILADlogo std.pngUNILAD Team is disbanded after the Gfinity Elite Series Season 3. Caro, Calix, Speed, Jnr, Flux and Tehda leave.
April 30
News Label - Europe.png Secretlogo std.pngSecret Distan leaves.
News Label - Europe.png Hashtaglogo std.pngHashtag Distan leaves.

Upcoming Matches
Tournament Match Countdown
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Tournaments Power Rankings
Jun 08 - Jun 10
  RLCS World Championship
Apr 23 - May 24
  Gfinity S3 Summer Series
May 06
  RLCS S5 EU Promotion Tournament
May 05
  RLCS S5 NA Promotion Tournament
May 04
  Ballistix Brawl Qualifier #1
Apr 22
  RLCS S5 EU Regional Championship
Apr 22
  Throwdown S5 Playoffs
Apr 21
  RLCS S5 NA Regional Championship
Mar 18 - Apr 19
  RLCS S5 EU League Play
Mar 18 - Apr 15
  Throwdown S5 League Play
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  • SAM
Place Team
1 NRGlogo std.png NRG Esports
2 G2logo std.png G2 Esports
3 C9logo std.png Cloud9
4 EGlogo std.png Evil Geniuses
5 Roguelogo std.png Rogue
6 CLGlogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming
7 Ghostlogo std.png Ghost Gaming
8 FLYlogo std.png FlyQuest
9 ALGlogo std.png Allegiance
10 DIGlogo std.png Team Dignitas
For a complete history of the Power Rankings click here