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NRG Esports
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 North America
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NRG Esports is a professional Rocket League team.


Creation of NRG

In December 2015, Andy Miller and Mark Mastrov--the two co-owners of The Sacramento Kings--as well as their associate Gerard Kelly founded NRG eSports. Quickly following the organization’s founding, Alex Rodriguez, Shaquille O’Neal, and Jimmy Rollins invested in the California gaming enterprise, allowing for Miller, Kastrov, and Kelly’s operation to further their venture into the world of competitive gaming.

RLCS Season 2

NRG entered Season 2 of RLCS during week 2 with the acquisition of the team Kings of Urban, which consisted of Fireburner, Jacob, and Sadjunior. NRG finished the remainder of League Play with each series pushed to game 5. They won 3 of their 4 remaining matches, losing only to Orbit, which placed them as the second seed moving into regionals. NRG powered through Genesis in the semifinals with a 4-1 win and maintained that momentum into the finals where they took their revenge on Orbit with a 4-2 finish. They would secure their spot in the RLCS LAN finals with a first place finish in Regionals.

NRG was hopeful of venturing past the first round, unlike their previous LAN performance, but was stopped by Precision Z with a heartbreaking 2-3 loss. They met a fellow NA team, Genesis, in the lower bracket and took a quick 3-0 sweep which pushed them into round 2. NRG faced the powerhouse EU team, Flipside Tactics. They couldn’t prevail and lost the series 1-3 to Flipside (who would go on to win RLCS Season 2).

RLCS Season 3

About a month after season 2 finished NRG was looking to change up their roster. With the recent disbandment of Exodus, GarrettG was a free agent and decided to join NRG in order to fill Sadjunior’s position. Shortly after this announcement, NRG added Vafele and Genocop as substitutes, as well as Corelli as their team manager. They prepared for the upcoming season, hopeful of proving that they still are the greatest team in North America.

NRG qualified for league play and proved that the addition of GarrettG was the missing piece. They didn’t allow a single series past game 4, swept G2_Esports, Denial, and Take 3, and only took one loss (to Genesis) throughout the entirety of the league. They ended the season with a 6-1 win/loss record and the number one seed for North America. NRG maintained their performance from league play during the regional playoffs. They met Selfless in the semi-finals with a close win which put NRG into the finals. They completely swept Atelier in the grand finals and took first place.

Tensions were high as NRG qualified for their third consecutive LAN appearance. They were knocked out in the first round during both of their previous LAN ventures, but that wasn’t the case this time. NRG swept Northern Gaming during their first match which pushed them through to face Flipside Tactics. NRG nearly lost against Flipside, but managed to pull through with a win. Mock-It eSports was their final challenge before they could progress to the grand finale. NRG made it all the way to game seven, but was unable to defeat Mock-it. After dropping into the lower bracket, NRG found themselves up against Northern Gaming again. This time though, they were unable to keep up and fell to Northern Gaming. NRG had their best LAN performance yet with a third place finish.


  • 2018
  • 2017
  • 2016

Player Roster


C ID Name Role
United States Fireburner Jayson Nunez 10Captain
United States GarrettG Garrett Gordon 1Player
United States JSTN Justin Morales 1Player


C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left
United States Jacob Jacob McDowell 11 Starter Roguelogo std.png Rogue 2016-10-01 2018-01-08
Canada SadJunior Kais Zehri 11 Starter EQuinoxlogo std.png eQuinox 2016-10-01 2017-01-11


RLCSLogo.png RLCS Substitutes
C ID Name S2 S3 S4 S5
United States Vafele Shane Heard GreenCheck.png GreenCheck.png RedX.png RedX.png
United States Genocop Geno Copertino RedX.png GreenCheck.png RedX.png RedX.png
Canada DudeWithTheNose Trevor Hannah RedX.png RedX.png GreenCheck.png RedX.png
United States Moses Caleb Nichols RedX.png RedX.png RedX.png GreenCheck.png


C ID Name Position
United States Mark Mark Mastrov Co-Owner
United States Andy Andy Miller Co-Owner
United States Atlas Gerard Kelly Co-Owner
United States moconinja Justin Siegel Co-Owner
United States Ringo Andrew Pruett CEO

Team Achievements

Team Achievements
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Power Rankings

1st-place rankings: 16 (2016-10-102016-11-072016-11-142017-04-282017-05-182017-05-242017-06-172017-06-172017-07-032017-07-032017-07-162017-07-162017-07-282017-07-282018-04-212018-04-21)
2nd-place rankings: 13 (2016-09-262016-10-032016-10-172016-10-242017-04-142017-08-112017-08-112017-09-022017-09-022017-09-222017-09-222018-04-062018-04-06)
3rd-place rankings: 3 (2016-10-312018-03-162018-03-16)
4th-place rankings: 4 (2017-10-142017-10-142017-12-072017-12-07)
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  • 2017


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