RLCS Overtime

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RLCS Overtime
General Information
Host(s): WavePunk
Format: VODs
Airs: Weekly
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RLCS Overtime is a talk show hosted by the Rocket League Championship Series casters and analysts, including WavePunk, Gibbs, Jamesbot, Liefx, Lawler, and FindableCarpet. The show focuses on reviewing the previous weekend's matches and highlights from the Rocket League Championship Series. Segments in the show include but are not limited to: an NA Recap, an EU Recap, an interview with a guest, and various other entertaining segments.

Episode List

# Date Guest VOD Length
8 2017-05-10 yumi_cheeseman VOD 61m
7 2017-05-03 None VOD 61m
6 2017-04-26 Turtle VOD 61m
5 2017-04-19 Dappur VOD 61m
4 2017-04-12 DanzhizzLe VOD 60m
3 2017-04-05 Jacob VOD 66m
2 2017-03-29 Snaski VOD 55m
1 2017-03-22 Psyonix Josh VOD 72m