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World Championship
June 08 - Jun 10 2018
  • Winners Bracket
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From Winners Bracket
Grand Final
  NRG Esportslogo std.png NRG 4
  NRG Esportslogo std.png NRG 1 3
  CompLexity Gaminglogo std.png CoL 0
  Team Dignitaslogo std.png DIG 4 4
  Team Dignitaslogo std.png DIG 4
From Losers Bracket
  CompLexity Gaminglogo std.png CoL 2
  Team Dignitaslogo std.png DIG 3
  Cloud9logo std.png C9 0
Latest News
Summary of roster news and tournament results for 2018
August 04
Team Vitalitylogo std.png VIT Scrub joins.
August 01
Paris Saint-Germain eSportslogo std.png PSG Bluey moves to substitute. Fruity joins.
July 31
Team EnVyUslogo std.png nV Deevo, Remkoe, and EyeIgnite leave.
July 18
Team Vitalitylogo std.png VIT FreaKii leaves.
July 12
CompLexity Gaminglogo std.png CoL Metsanauris leaves. gReazymeister joins.
Team EnVyUslogo std.png nV gReazymeister leaves.
June 04
Logo std.png FC Nantes eSport Team is formed. Hooups, Kami and Maaivy join.
May 22
Team Dignitaslogo std.png DIG Acquires the Gale Force eSportslogo std.png Gale Force eSports roster. Kaydop, Turbopolsa, and ViolentPanda join. Chicago, Turtle, and Zolhay leave.
May 11
Electronik Generationlogo std.png EGN DESGADELHADO retires.
May 08
Blitzerslogo std.png Blitzers Stake leaves.
Team WLFlogo std.png WLF MoneyTalk leaves.
May 07
Epsilon eSportslogo std.png Epsilon Team is disbanded. D7, FaykoW and Pugsay leave.
May 06
Logo std.png The Bricks Team is formed. Fruity,Shakahron and Speed join.

Matches & Results
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This list displays up to the next 20 series from any available event.
  • Upcoming Matches
  • Upcoming Events
  • Recent Results
For each available event, this list displays only the earliest series and no further games.
Tournaments Power Rankings
RLCS Logo.png  
Dec 07 - Dec 09
  RLCS S6 World Championship
RLCS Logo.png  
Sep 09 - Oct 14
  RLCS S6 EU League Play
RLCS Logo.png  
Sep 08 - Oct 13
  RLCS S6 NA League Play
RLRS Logo.png  
Sep 14 - Oct 12
  RLRS S6 NA League Play
RLRS Logo.png  
Sep 12 - Oct 10
  RLRS S6 EU League Play
RLCS Logo.png  
Jun 08 - Jun 10
  RLCS S5 World Championship
Unknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png  
Apr 23 - May 24
  Gfinity S3 Summer Series
RLCS Logo.png
May 06
  RLCS S5 EU Promotion Tournament
RLCS Logo.png
May 05
  RLCS S5 NA Promotion Tournament
May 04
  Ballistix Brawl Qualifier #1
RLCS Logo.png
Apr 22
  RLCS S5 EU Regional Championship
Apr 22
  Throwdown S5 Playoffs
RLCS Logo.png
Apr 21
  RLCS S5 NA Regional Championship
RLCS Logo.png  
Mar 18 - Apr 19
  RLCS S5 EU League Play
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Place Team
1 NRG Esportslogo std.png NRG Esports
2 G2 Esportslogo std.png G2 Esports
3 Cloud9logo std.png Cloud9
4 Evil Geniuseslogo std.png Evil Geniuses
5 Roguelogo std.png Rogue
6 Counter Logic Gaminglogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming
7 Ghost Gaminglogo std.png Ghost Gaming
8 FlyQuestlogo std.png FlyQuest
9 Allegiancelogo std.png Allegiance
10 Team Dignitaslogo std.png Team Dignitas
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