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Intro sentence: Very briefly state what the player does, e.g. "Alberto "Crumbz" Rengifo is the jungler for Team Dignitas."


The first part of a biography should be personal history. Generally include where the player is from, how they got into League of Legends, and anything else relevant - for example, if they started college and then took time off to play professionally, or if they previously had a job, or if they moved, you would include facts like that.

Somewhere in the first sentence of the biography, you should include First Name "Alias" Last Name (if relevant, e.g. for Korean players, you would reverse given name and family name). After this first reference, if you use their name again instead of pronouns, it should be their last (family) name.

League of Legends Career

2014 Preseason

Break the League of Legends career into Season 1, Preseason 2, Season 2, Preseason 3, Season 3, 2014 Preseason, 2014 Season, etc. Once the League of Legends Career starts, refer to all players, including the one who the article is about, by their aliases. This switch is to reduce confusion.

Describe all roster swaps and role swaps. Also list major tournament results. Give context, but not too much -- for example, it might be worth mentioning in Mata's biography that Samsung White won Worlds defeating SHRC 2-1, but it's not worth mentioning in detail that they went 6-0 in groups, defeating EDward Gaming, ahq e-Sports Club, and Dark Passage all 2-0, then beating Team SoloMid 2-1 in the quarterfinals, Samsung Blue 3-0 in the semifinals, and then finally SHRC 3-0 in the finals is too much. That much detail should be reserved for a team bio. However, if there was a major rivalry, it might be worth mentioning. For example in imp's biography, you might mention that his team beat NaMei's team 2-0, Deft's team 3-0, and Uzi's team 2-1.

If another major event occurred that impacted the player's career in any way, you would include that too. For example, the fact that Aphromoo was briefly banned for Elo-boosting, that Svenskeren was fined and banned for three games of Worlds, or that CaliTrlolz was able to defer pharmaceutical school for a year to play in the LCS are all worth including. It's not worth including as a major event that Brokenshard hosted an AMA, though the link to that AMA would be listed in the Interviews section.

Writing should be as encyclopedic as possible. Sentences should be to-the-point but still grammatically correct. Paragraphs should be between one and five sentences long; try to avoid paragraphs longer than five or six lines. If you have trouble writing in this style, do the best that you can. If English isn't your native language or you feel very uncomfortable writing biographies, contact us!

Add references where possible. The code for a reference is:


Put that at the end of the sentence that you are providing the reference for, and the wiki will automatically order your references and place them in the References section at the bottom of the page. If possible use a link to the site you're referencing with the page title. If the language isn't English, make note of that. For example:

<ref>][ CJ Entus's Facebook Post (Korean/English)] ''''</ref>

2014 Season

Here's the proper capitalization and phrasing for roles when written out:

Looper is a top laner. Looper plays top lane.
DanDy is a jungler. DanDy plays jungle.
PawN is a mid laner. PawN plays mid lane.
imp is an AD carry. imp plays AD carry.
Mata is a support. Mata plays support.
Mata and imp are bot laners. imp and Mata play bot lane.


  • A bulleted list of things that don't fit well into the biography.
  • If possible, should be time-insensitive. Don't say "Favorite champion is Template:Ci," say "In 2014, favorite champion was Template:Ci."
  • Each piece should end in a period.
  • "Enjoys to juggle" rather than "He enjoys to juggle."
  • No required order, but try to order everything so that it makes sense.


Look at an example.


For all external content, if there's a large number (at least 10) pieces of content, it should be divided up into collapsible NavFrames, with one per year:

We don't really have notability guidelines for articles / interviews / videos - feel free to link your own content! However, all content linked must be appropriate and relevant to the player. News articles do not belong in this section and should only be used as references. While we are okay with you linking your own content articles, do not replace an existing reference with a reference to your own site for any news posts (unless your site is without question a more accurate source - for example, it would be appropriate to replace a reddit speculation thread with screenshots of a player's stream with a link to an OnGamers article).



The NavFrames described above should be divided by year. So there'll be a level-3 2013 heading, then a navbox, then a level-3 2014 heading, then a navbox, etc.

Within each navbox (or outside of the navbox), content will be in a bulleted list.



For Vlogs, it's just the player's vlog, so you wouldn't list a content creator. Same for blog posts. (Vlog = video log = video content, Blog = weblog = written content)



Please do include the date of the videos' creation here, even though a lot of our highlight videos don't. Try not to spam too many links here, but it's fine to put popular highlight videos in this section.

External Links

Only non-time-sensitive links should go here (e.g. a link to a player's LoL eSports bio) Interviews, Articles, Vlogs, etc should not go here! Those are the most relevant at the point of creation; this is for links that are always equally relevant. News items should be used as references in the biography above.

(Obviously in 5 years the link may not be relevant. But the idea is to link more long-term things here.)



Automatically created with form and filled out when you use references above.