V4 Multi-Gaming Organisation

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V4 Multi-Gaming Organisation
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Team Information
Org LocationAustria Austria
Team LocationEurope Europe
ZAP Hosting
CreatedJuly 2017
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V4 Multi-Gaming is a German speaking organization based in Austria.


The V4 Multi-Gaming Organisation is one of the leading multi-gaming organizations in Europe. It was founded in August 2017 by Jakob Winter and has been working its way to the top ever since. We are providing gamers, athletes, producers, managers, designers, developers and much more. A huge network of many people who want to improve their business. Together we can see everything from different perspectives and complement each other. V4 connects people with different skills from many parts of Europe. Everyone can use our platforms, join the community, and take part in our events such as tournaments, giveaways and raffles. #v4family4ever


C ID Name Position
Austria Beatology Jakob Winter CEO & Founder
Germany MrFunkyyyy Alexander E. COO
Germany Xilo Felix P. CGO
Germany Bombay Lars Management Fortnite
Germany Collect1onN Jonas Management CS:GO
Germany Yumiko Daniel Management Rocket League
Germany dNrr_ Dominik Management FIFA

E-Sport Rosters

Rocket League

C ID Name Role Joined
Germany Flummi Florian 30Coach 2021-01-04
Germany Desire Dave 80Player 2020-01-10
Germany NxtLyrics Tim 80Player 2020-01-10
Germany Brain Justin 80Player 2020-01-10
Switzerland Aroley Aron 80Player 2021-02-04