Weekly Summary/2017/October 23rd

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A summary of competitive Rocket League news and events for the week of October 23rd, 2017.

Roster News

October 24
The Juicy Kidslogo std.png Juicy Kids Stocki rejoins as starter. Frag moves to substitute.
October 25
Logo std.png BEGE Organization drops roster. Kunsey, Keymoon, and Kab leave.
October 28
Scylla Esportslogo std.png Scylla Kira leaves.
Free Agentlogo std.png Free Agent Doomsee takes a break from competitive.

Tournament History

Week of Oct 23 2017
Date Event Winning Team Winning Roster Prize
Tue Oct 24 ESL Championnat National Logo std.png Get Wigglytuff'd KaydopFairy PeakMoutFlaaV
Sat Oct 28 S4 NA RLCS Promotion Tournament Renegades (North American Team)logo std.png Renegades DappurMosesTimi